Field hockey stick

The playing field in hockey is large, the surface is usually artificial turf and sometimes natural grass. It is allowed to hit, scrub and flick to cover the long distances or to score goals: A different stick is therefore needed in hockey than on the smooth floor in the hall.

Basically, hockey sticks are therefore more massive and heavier than indoor hockey sticks. Not only is the club thicker, the stick also has more volume overall and has to withstand different challenges in terms of load than in indoor hockey. Hockey sticks are either made of wood in combination with plastic or exclusively of plastic. Carbon provides stability, fibreglass and Kevlar flexibility. The colours range from plain to mega-coloured - let yourself be inspired by our large selection.

The optimal length of the hockey stick is always based on the height of the player and is given in inches. In our range you will find a large selection of hockey sticks for children and adults from the top brands adidas, MALIK, TK, Grays, OSAKA, JDH and Kempa. Many models are also available in extra lengths. 

Need help determining the size of your hockey stick? 

Here you will find a size chart. 

Your new hockey stick: The ideal complement to your skills 

If you are wondering what features your perfect hockey stick should have, your position and your tasks in the game will give you good clues. For example: 

- Do you play more on defence and have to hit and scrub a lot? Then a heavy, top-heavy stick with a light bias (mid-bow) might be suitable for you.

- Are you a midfield motor whose game is characterised by dribbling and passing? Then a hockey stick with a balanced centre of gravity, pro-bow/low-bow and medium weight could be your ideal tool.

- Do you create a stir in the attack and assert yourself with delicate 3D tricks and dangerous shots on goal? Then a relatively light hockey stick with a strong low bow (extreme low bow) may be the perfect choice for your playing qualities.

- If you are just learning the game of hockey or are new to it, we recommend a light hockey stick with a low bow and a balanced weight distribution. 

Not sure about your new hockey stick? Ask us!

If you're still not sure which hockey stick to choose, you can call us on 040-6887 6880 and get advice on your purchase from a hockey expert. We have a lot of experience and are happy to help!

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