Hockey Goalkeeper

Hockey Goalkeeper


There is only one and he is the most important person on the field: the goalkeeper! We know how important your work in the goal is. That's why we don't want you to worry about equipment, but instead focus on stopping the balls! Our extensive range of field hockey goalie gear gives you peace of mind, and you'll find everything you need in just a few clicks. That means you can feel confident and well protected on the field. Our goalie gear all comes from Goalie Giants like OBO, and TK. We carry helmets, protective vests, full jerseys, kickers, goalie bats, and much more. Browse our selection and find your perfect gear that will keep you feeling safe, stylish, and unbeatable.

Goalkeeper Equipment:

Quality is a big factor when deciding what to buy based on age - kids need a different quality (thickness = protection factor) than adults. Shot hardness and protection needs tend to be low for kids up to 12 years old, but in adult play, the quality of the equipment is more important simply because of the use of plastic bats. On the other hand, the team's playing cash is of no particular importance here. 

Rails and kickers:

The rails and kickers differ in a wide variety of quality levels. The thickness of the material and the shape also play a major role, in addition to the quality. Since every goalie has their own preferences, we offer a wide selection of TK and OBO brands.

OBO arguably offers some of the best field hockey goalie kickers on the market. The OBO ROBO Hi-Rebound Kickers offer maximum rebound - up to 50% more than the HI-Control Kickers, providing much better control and precision when defending your goal. Brand new from OBO - the OBO Robo Hi-Rebound Plus kickers are also available at HFS.

Goalkeeper Helmet:

The difference between regular goalie helmets and full-face helmets is a design issue. The difference that matters is when deciding between a synthetic helmet and a carbon helmet. Because of the material used, the carbon helmet, offers greater stability and improved protection. More important is the difference between a plastic helmet and a carbon/Kevlar helmet. The latter, because of the material used, offers greater stability (with less weight) and therefore improved protection.

OBO helmet size for head circumference:

Gr. S       53 cm - 55 cm

Size M    55 cm - 57 cm

Size L      57 cm - 59 cm

Chest protector/arm protector:

The chest protector including elbow protection is usually suitable for younger field hockey players, since the balls are shot up rather rarely. In professional classes and in the adult area, a full body protection is highly recommended, as it also protects the parts of the upper and lower arm, as well as shoulders. 

Goalkeeper pants:

Goalkeeper pants are usually very tight and therefore guarantee more freedom of movement. In addition, it offers optimal protection. 

Goalkeeper sticks:

Compared to normal field hockey sticks, towart sticks are characterized by their special shape and curvature. This improves the defense of flat shot and slightly bouncing balls on the backhand and forehand. 

Not sure about your new goalie equipment? Ask us!

If you are not sure which goalie equipment to choose, you can call us at 040 - 6887 6880 and let a field hockey expert advise you on your purchase. We have a lot of experience and are happy to help you!

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  12. OBO Robo PLUS Kicker
    As low as €343.00
  13. OBO Robo HI CONTROL Kicker
    As low as €310.00
  14. OBO Robo HI REBOUND Kickers
    As low as €327.00
  15. OBO CLOUD Kickers black
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  16. -20%
    Y1 GK F6 23/24
    As low as €152.00 Regular Price €190.00
  17. OBO Robo PLUS Hand Protector Left black
    As low as €186.00
  18. OBO Robo PLUS Hand Protector Left orange
    As low as €186.00
  19. OBO Robo PLUS Hand Protector Left blue
    As low as €186.00
  20. OBO Robo HI CONTROL Hand Protector Right
    As low as €105.00
  21. OBO YAHOO Pelvic Guard Female
    As low as €22.00
  22. OBO YAHOO Groin Guard Male
    As low as €22.00
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