Indoor hockey stick

Fast, dynamic, technically demanding - in indoor hockey the space is more limited, the floor faster and the intensity higher than in hockey. Instead of long shots, short passes are used, fast dribbles and long pulls count instead of lobs and flicks. The boards on the sides of the pitch make special moves and variable passes possible, and high shots are only allowed on goal. The hockey stick for indoor hockey is therefore flatter and thinner than the stick for hockey. 

Wood for more feel, plastic for more strength

In indoor hockey sticks, the proportion of purely wooden sticks is much higher than in hockey. Since the feeling for the ball and the technical handling of the ball characterise the game so much here, wood is still the most popular material - it gives more feedback. Especially for children, an indoor hockey stick made of wood is the best recommendation.

However, sticks made of plastic have also become so optimally processed that the differences to the natural product are dwindling. Hockey sticks made of plastic also have the advantage that they do not wear as much on the underside of the club (when rubbed across the floor) and a stick can therefore be played longer. 

Perfect support for your game: right size, optimal shape

As with all hockey sticks, make sure you buy the right size. If you are not experienced in this area, you can use our size chart as a guide. The preload of the hockey stick (the curvature of the stick above the club) also plays a role: A strong preload leads to harder shots and passes, but takes some getting used to when stopping the balls.

Not sure about your choice of new hockey stick? Ask us!

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