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Designed specifically for the female game, the adidas Fabela series is made from high performance raw materials including F1 engineered carbon, aramid and high performance resins that combine to create a definitive level of play. Typical of the Fabela racket series is the Pure Control Head and its 3D geometry. The trapezoidal shape of the racket supports your hitting power and gives you more power for your game.                                                                    The adidas Fabela .8 is for girls who are learning the basic techniques of hockey. The hockey stick from adidas does not contain carbon, which gives you a lot of feel for your game. The adidas Fabela .8 is made of a composition of 5% aramid and 95% glass fibre. The Armid in the adidas racket gives you good shock absorption in your game and more control over the ball. The racket has a 22mm bias and a height of 250mm. The adidas racket is available in sizes 30'', 31'', 32'', 33'' 34'', 35'' and 36.5''.

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